We offer full-cycle business analysis & IT consulting, software architecture and development services in a broad array of technologies and business domains.

    QA & Software Testing

    Our QA team specializes in the ISTQB family of certificates that are the leader in an international software testing community. We’re following the best practices of the testing industry to ensure optimal results and always researching new ways of raising the quality.


    Dev Ops

    Our development operations team will take care of your development and deploy processes so that continuous integration and delivery processes enable you to move fast and don’t break things.


    Project Management

    Gain a fresh perspective and find a business strategy to product feature – path, prioritise your resources and ensure their efficient use. Starlight2’s certified project managers supply professional project management services to assist in bringing project success to your organisation or project.

    IT Consulting & Business Analysis

    We offer expert, affordable IT consulting services to help you achieve your IT objectives. At Starlight, we pride ourselves in offering managed IT services to organizations of any size. With over 10 years of experience helping hundreds of customers, and as one of the top IT consulting firms in the region, we’re ready to tackle your IT strategy or special projects with the custom-tailored solutions that your business demands.

    Software Architecture

    SW architecture is a high-level abstraction of a software system that defines how components work together. The right choice of open-source technologies and software design patterns deliver robust solutions and enable sustainable development.

    Core Java Development

    Core development is a base implementation of the business cases which are mostly implemented within the core Java services. Decoupling business logic from the front-end frameworks ensures stable and secure systems.

    Enterprise Integrations

    Enterprise applications rarely live in isolation. They are built on different programming languages, operating platforms, and data formats. We use “middleware frameworks” which are a collection of technologies and services to enable the integration of systems and applications across an enterprise.

    Scalable Cloud Services

    Scalable cloud solutions are such systems that have a planned level of capacity to scale up or down, depending on the resource requirements. For example, an increase in traffic or intensity of use is mitigated with automatical addition of extra computing power to meet growing demand.


    Research & development is vital for any company to gain knowledge to develop, design, enhance, and modify a company’s products, services, technologies, business plans, processes, and sometimes vision. We consider R&D as a vital factor in strategic business development.

    iOS & Android Development

    Smartphone technology changed the world and has opened entire industries to new ways of doing business. Native or hybrid mobile solutions, paired with robust backend systems, are here to stay.


    Implementing IoT in a product is not an easy job, and it involves many challenges as you go along – from idea to devices and protocols. Starlight’s services can enable you to connect assets, machinery and vehicles, embed sensors and tags, and establish an internet-enabled connection to transmit data and remotely monitor and control the ecosystem.

    UX Architecture & Design

    Great design goes way beyond nice visuals. Business goals, user needs and technical capabilities must all be in sync to deliver successful products. So, what’s our design process?